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Sitzler and Sitzler represents clients charged with various sex crimes, including aggravated sexual assault, sexual assault, criminal sexual contact, luring, and endangering the welfare of a child. The crime of endangering the welfare of a child may also include possession or distribution of child pornography.

Besides facing serious prison time, clients charged with these crimes also face severe collateral consequences such as Megan's Law registration and parole supervision for life. We have represented clients with these charges in Burlington, Camden and Gloucester counties as well as Mercer and Atlantic counties.

If you or a loved one have been charged with a sex crime or anticipate that you may be charged, contact our office at (609) 267-1101 for immediate assistance.

Megan's Law Registration

Megan's Law registration requirements include reporting your home and employment address to the local police. You must verify your address at least annually, but sometimes as often as every three months. Frequently, your registration information is also listed on the Internet. The community may be notified of your address and employment depending on your tier classification (risk of re-offense).

If are convicted of one of the following sex crimes, you must register under Megan's Law:
• Aggravated sexual assault
• Sexual assault
• Aggravated criminal sexual contact
• Criminal sexual contact (with a minor)
• Endangering the welfare of a child (sexual contact with a minor)
• Child pornography
• Luring
• Kidnapping (involving a minor when individual is not a parent)
• Criminal restraint (involving a minor when individual is not a parent)
• False imprisonment (involving a minor when individual is not a parent)

Megan's Law Appeals of Tier Classification and Community Notification

Our experienced lawyers can help you file an appeal of your tier classification. If you have been convicted of one of the crimes enumerated above, you will be classified by the local prosecutor's office in one of three tiers:

  • Tier One: Low Risk - notification to law enforcement only
  • Tier Two: Moderate Risk - notification will be made to several organizations which may include the following: schools, day care centers, community organizations such as Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts, church groups or athletic organizations that care for or supervise children
  • Tier Three: High Risk - notification to neighbors of your home and employment

The experienced criminal defense attorneys of Sitzler and Sitzler can appeal your tier classification. We will look for errors in the state's assessment as well as advocate for a change in classification and/or notification before the superior court judge in the county in which you are registered.

Termination of Megan's Law Requirements

If you have been convicted of a sexual offense but have otherwise lived a law-abiding life since that conviction, Sitzler and Sitzler can help. Our experienced New Jersey criminal defense lawyers can file a motion to have you relieved of your Megan's Law registration requirements if 15 years have passed since your release from prison and you have met certain conditions.

Juveniles adjudicated delinquent for sexual offenses committed whey they are under age fourteen, Megan's Law registration and community notification shall terminate at age 18 if the Law Division, after a Motion requesting a hearing, determines on the basis of clear and convincing evidence that the delinquent is not likely to pose a threat to the safety of others. 

Contact our office by e-mail or call 609-267-1101 for a free confidential consultation to review if you meet the criteria for termination of Megan's Law requirements.

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