The criminal defense attorneys at Sitzler and Sitzler provide legal representation to those who have allegedly violated their probation or parole in Burlington County, New Jersey or any South Jersey county. We will work aggressively to represent your best interests in order to give you the best possible chance of avoiding jail time.

Parole and probation, as defined, is a conditional release from prison under a judge-ordered period of supervision. Sometimes, a judge orders parole or probation in place of a jail sentence or in addition to reduced jail time. The consequences for violating the terms of your specific order may be severe. If you are found guilty of violating your parole/probation, you may be sentenced to jail for the maximum term your original crime allows.

Due to the severity of parole and probation violations in New Jersey, it’s imperative you seek legal help as soon as possible. Our parole and probation violations attorneys can get to work on your case immediately in order to effectively ensure the protection of your rights and fight for the most favorable outcome possible for your particular case.  

Sitzler and Sitzler handles all types of probation and parole violations, including:

  • violation of alcohol consumption provisions
  • violation of drug possession or use provisions
  • failed drug or alcohol tests
  • failure to complete counseling requirement
  • failure to complete terms of probation
  • violation of residency requirements
  • failure to register on a required registry
  • subsequent crimes
  • Drug Court Violations

Our firm has a thorough knowledge of the variety of specific parole and probation violations, such as a positive urine screening or failure to pay restitution, among others. We will build an effective defense, conveying to the court that you are making an effort to keep in line with the terms of your probation or parole.

Adhering to the Terms of Your Parole or Probation 

A judge will only order parole or probation in lieu of jail time under certain conditions. It’s necessary to review the terms of your parole or probation frequently to ensure your overall compliance and to avoid possible legal repercussions for what could be an honest mistake on your part. The judge or parole board may set a variety of conditions, some of which may include:

  • limiting you to a specific community or job
  • placing restrictions on who you associate with
  • travel restrictions
  • work requirements
  • chemical dependency treatment requirements
  • drug testing
  • required meetings and reporting
  • restrictions on drug, alcohol, and weapons

The criminal defense attorneys at Sitzler and Sitzler have the ability to formulate an aggressive defense in order to prove the supposed violation was an uncharacteristic lapse on your part. If you have been accused of violating the terms of your parole or probation, don’t hesitate to contact us. You may wonder how these legal issues will impact your job and your relationships. At Sitzler and Sitzler, we understand your feelings because we have helped countless people in similar situations who share in those feelings of uncertainty. We will begin an immediate investigation to collect all necessary evidence for your case. Using research tools, technology and experts, we have the sophisticated resources to assert your rights in or out of court in a cost-effective and efficient manner.