What is a CJP Hearing?
If you have been charged with an indictable offense, the police department you were arrested in will provide you with a document containing a hearing date and time.  At that hearing the Judge will, among other, make sure you have a copy of the criminal complaint and understand the charges against you.

Do I have to appear?
Once you have retained counsel for your matter  your lawyer should forward a First Appearance Waiver asking that you be excused from appearing.  If you do not have counsel, you will be required to appear to give biographical information and to appear before a Judge ensure that you are aware of your constitutional rights and most importantly, your right to an attorney.

What does it mean that my matter is downgraded?
A downgrade from the prosecutors office means that your matter will be heard in the Municipal Court in which you were charged.  Occasionally, your charge will get amended (changed) to a different charge.  It is good news because the prosecutor has decided to not seek a criminal aka Felony conviction in your case.

What does having my case presented to the Grand Jury mean?

The prosecutor has decided to seek an criminal aka felony conviction in your case.  This means your matter will be forwarded to the Grand Jury for indictment.   Once you have been indicted your matter will be scheduled within 14 days for an Arraignment/Status Conference.  

If you have been charged with an Indictable Offense aka Felony, contact the office at 609-267-1101 to schedule an consultation to further discuss this matter with an attorney who can help ease the stress of an upcoming CJP Hearing.