New Jersey, like other states throughout the country, has been cracking down on drinking and driving. One of the ways the state is doing this is by having punishment that progresses significantly from one incidence of DUI/DWI to the next. For example:

  • Mandatory inclusion in an IDRC program for any DUI offense, including the first one
  • First DWI conviction is a minimum of a three-month license suspension, up to the maximum of one year
  • Mandatory ignition interlock device installation for six months to one year for a first offense if blood alcohol concentration (BAC) was .15 percent or greater
  • Second DWI conviction is a two-year loss a driver’s license and up to a $1,000 fine
  • Third DWI conviction is a minimum of 180 days in jail without work release or weekends and no parole, and a 10-year loss of license

The serious consequences of multiple DUI/DWI convictions require serious defense to keep you out of jail and protect your driver’s license. At Sitzler and Sitzler, we have one of the most experienced Burlington County multiple DWI lawyers in the state. Contact us today discuss your DUI case during a free consultation.

In 2007 through 2015, attorney John S. Sitzler was nominated by his peers as the top attorney to work on a DWI case by SJ Magazine. John S. Sitzler was voted Top DUI attorney by the public since 2010 by South Jersey Magazine.

Attorney John S. Sitzler was voted the Top DUI Attorney in 2010 to 2013 for a very good reason.

Our DUI/DWI criminal defense lawyers will use every tool at their disposal to keep you out of jail and protect your freedom. Your defense will, of course, depend on the facts of your case.

Some of the tools at our disposal include:

  • Proactive actions on your part such as chemical treatment and involvement in AA
  • Motions to suppress or challenge evidence
  • Efforts to overturn one of the previous DUI/DWI convictions (post-conviction relief)
  • Thorough preparation of your case in preparation for trial

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