The State of New Jersey has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. If have been charged with any of the following offenses, you are facing imprisonment and fines. Contact the office at (609) 267-1101 to schedule a free consultation to discuss options to defend these matters.

2C:39-2 Possession of firearms weapons, destructive devices, silencers or explosives

2C:39-3 Prohibited weapons and devices
a.) Destructive devices
b.) Sawed off shotguns
c.) Silencers
d.) Defaced firearms
e.) Certain Weapons
f.) Dum Dum or body armor penetrating bullets
h.) Stun guns
k.) Hand Cuffs

2C:39-4 Possession of Weapons for unlawful purposes
a.) firearms
b.) explosives
c.) destructive devices
d.) other weapons
e.) imitation firearms

2C:39-4.1 Weapons, Controlled Dangerous Substances

2C:39-5 Unlawful possession of weapons
a.) Machine guns
b.) Hand guns
c.) Rifles and shot guns
d.) other weapons
e.) firearms or other weapons in education institutions
f.) assault firearms

2C:39-7 Certain persons not to have weapons

2C:39-13 Unlawful use of body vest

If you’ve been charged with a weapons offense, you are most likely scared, nervous or upset. You may wonder how a conviction will impact your job and your relationships. At Sitzler and Sitzler, we understand your feelings because we have helped countless people in similar situations who share in those feelings of uncertainty. Our knowledgeable attorneys use strategy, skill, and experience to resolve cases effectively on behalf of our clients. We will begin an immediate investigation to collect all necessary evidence for your case. Using research tools, technology and experts, we have the sophisticated resources to assert your rights in or out of court in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

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