Five Men Arrested in Alleged New Jersey Drug Ring

What type of charges could you face if you sell drugs to an undercover police officer?

Law enforcement usually invests a lot of time and resources into the investigation of drug conspiracies.  These investigations often involve the use of undercover tactics and can go on for years.  As such, authorities have already compiled a great deal of information and evidence before even making an arrest in these types of cases, making them difficult to fight.  Recently, police arrested five men in New Jersey who are accused of participating in a drug ring as a result of this type of investigation.

The New Jersey State Police, in conjunction with the United States Drug Enforcement Agency, arrested Juan Gutierrez-Valencia in July after he agreed to sell two kilograms of methamphetamine to an undercover officer and showed the officer the drugs.  He then tried to run, driving his car in the direction of police causing them to shoot him in the arm.  Authorities found large quantities are drugs and a stolen handgun in the car.  He has been charged with a number of serious drug crimes including possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute, conspiracy and gun charges.

Four other men allegedly involved in the same operation were arrested the next day after two of the men agreed to sell an undercover officer a large amount of heroin out of a residence.  The police searched the house finding large quantities of drugs and tools for distribution.  All four men in the house were arrested.  The same two men who agreed to sell the drugs to the officer in this incident are also charged with selling drugs to another undercover using a runner earlier in the year.  

Depending upon the degree of the crimes each of the men are charged with, they could be facing up to 20 years in prison and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines.  All of the men are Mexican and could be deported if found guilty.  State officials have commented stating that they will continue to aggressively pursue drug traffickers and distributors in the state of New Jersey.  

Drug crimes are quite common but are often serious and can lead to long prison sentences and high fines.  As many arrests are made after long term investigations, defendants require an experienced criminal defense attorney to represent them against the sometimes overwhelming evidence.  The Burlington, County New Jersey criminal defense attorneys at Sitzler & Sitzler can help.  If you have been accused of a drug crime or any other type of crime call us at (609)267-1101 today.