Is It Possible to Clear Your Juvenile Record in New Jersey?

What is the process for having juvenile records expunged in New Jersey?

For the most part, New Jersey juvenile records are “safe” from public view. Having your records officially sealed or expunged will ensure their confidentiality. In general, a sealed or expunged juvenile record is almost like a clean slate. It’s also a new start in that you are not required to share information about the record with anyone.

That being said, there are numerous circumstances in which a sealed or expunged juvenile record may be reopened. For example, if you are convicted of a subsequent offense, it may be possible that your sealed juvenile record may be visible to those previously allowed to view it.

Is your NJ juvenile record eligible for expungement?

  • Your record may be eligible for expungement or sealing if it has been two years since you were released from custody, supervision, or the provisions of a court order. In addition, you must not have been adjudicated delinquent or convicted of a crime or disorderly persons offense at any time in the two years between the original offense for which you’re seeking expungement and your request for sealing. In other words, no juvenile or criminal matters may be pending against you.
  • Another way your record may qualify for expungement is through military enlistment. If you provide evidence to the court that you have been accepted by a military branch, in most cases your records will be eligible for sealing. However, the order to expunge your records will be lifted if you don’t follow through with the enlistment.

New Jersey Statutes on Juvenile Court Record Expungements

If you were arrested but not ruled delinquent, your arrest record is generally eligible for sealing. However, if there was a plea bargain for dismissal or acquittal that resulted in additional adjudications, the records may not be eligible for sealing.

In order to expunge your entire juvenile record, five years must have passed since you were discharged from custody, supervision, or the provisions of a court order, and again, you must not have been ruled delinquent or convicted of an additional crime within that five-year period, some other conditions apply.

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