The cycle of an attorney disciplinary case starts with a Pre-Inquiry that can lead to an Inquiry.  It is recommended that you obtain defense counsel before the formal grievance in order to work out the case informally if possible.  Should the case not be able to resolved informally, you are required to submit a formal answer.  The formal answer must be filed within 21 days of receipt of the complaint.   

The hearing is normally held before a three person panel from the District Ethics Committee or a special master appointed by the Supreme Court.  You have the right to be represented by counsel at any and all hearings before the District Ethic Committee and the Disciplinary Review Board and Supreme Court.  

Please contact the office at (609) 267-1101 to speak to an attorney who can help fight against the charges of: Minor Misconduct; Public Reprimand, Suspension from practice, Disbarment, Monetary Sanctions, Censure, Publication of Opinion, Revocation of License to Practice Law, Suspension of right to appear pro hac vice.