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So I jus went to court yesterday to finally resolve my second “unoffical” dui. This is the second time I used Mr.Sitzler. I used him for my first “unoffical” dui and he was amazing!!! I’ll just concentrate on yesterday’s outcomes…. this being my unoffical second one, I was alil nervous that I was gonna lose my driving privlages longer or get downgraded to something with still a lot of points…. I blew a 0.10 which is above the limit. John was able to get me down to 2 months loss of driving and “failure to maintain lane”!!!!! That is amazing for me!!!! I already have a ton of points on my L and was sooo worried what the down grade was going to be. My first dui when I used John, I had a small accident w the dui and John got it downgraded to a reckless and 1 month loss of driving. so I would even say that this second unoffical dui had a better outcome with the failure to maintain lane n 2 months loss of driving…. I can live with that!!!! I wanna say that John was very very patient as our court dates were on going for 6 months!!! He was able to clearly point the finger where the police n state messed up to get me out of this mess!! So if you want it done right, Mr.Sitzler will work with you and will not give u any false hope. When I got my second dui, I knew I was 100% hiring him with out a doubt!

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