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I have had the honor of hiring Mr. Sitzler to defend myself in three cases over the course of the last few years. Mind you, all of which were summoned in different municipalities for very serious traffic offenses. I was recently issued (5) tickets. DUI, Speeding 25+ above the speed limit, Reckless Driving, Careless Driving, Failure to Maintain Lane. I immediately contacted Mr. Sitzler in regards to this matter and anyone who has been in this situation with a career to lose knows the feeling. John Sitzler and his staff are unbelievable to say the least. Without evening taking the case to trial, Mr. Sitzler was able to reduce four out of five traffic violations with me pleading to a reckless driving charge with no license suspension and a $500 fine! I have never doubted Mr. Sitzler. Once you go in for your consultation, you will receive nothing but good vibes because he is not going to sit and sugar coat anything just to try to obtain your money or waste your time. He is very honest with you (which I admire about him) and the money he charges is worth every single penny. Even when you believe nothing is going on because you may go weeks without hearing from him, Mr. Sitzler is working on your case and has a deep passion for what he does and will do everything in his power to assist you as best as he can. Across the state of New Jersey, you can feel confident in Mr. Sitzler and he is very well respected and his accolades speak for themselves.

Listen at the end of the day, no one likes going through this pain and hardship however Mr. John Sitzler never makes you feel alone and sure you could find an attorney for cheaper who will represent you to make quick hard earned money from you but if you have a lot to lose, you know the saying “You get what you pay for”. I couldn’t thank Mr. Sitzler and his staff enough for all of the support over the years and I pray to God I never have to go through this situation again however if I do, Mr. John Sitzler will be my representation and I would never come on a website to give my review if I did not think you hearing my story is enough of a referral to give his firm a call the next time you may be faced with a tough situation.

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