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First I would like to say my name is John. I’m 52 yrs old and a former police officer. I have never written any type of review of a product or person in my life. I felt I must do this to let others know that if your facing a life altering legal manner John Sitzler is the attorney you must hire. Over the course of a lengthy time period I went through and ugly divorce, work issue, and injury at my current position. During this time I was charged with four, yes FOUR (4) DWI’s. I retained the services of John Sitzler. I knew John was one of the top attorneys during my police service time. John knew my “story” and has been compassionate and understanding during this tuff time. As of this writing, three (3), of my cases have been successfully completed. Again in three (3) of my cases, I was not charged with DWI. My fourth is pending. In the beginning I could not have imagined a more wonderful outcome. John saved my life. I would like to say when John enters a court room he “owns” it. I have seen other attorneys come to John and discuss their cases . Prosecutors and Judges respect John Sitzler very much. Trust me, this is so important. Not only is John tops in Burlington Co. and surrounding counties, he is well known throughout the state. Other attorneys who claim to practice only DWI law and promote themselves as DWI experts and almost always promise positive results, are not the best to retain and I know this through personal experience. John will work hard and lengthy for his clients to get positive results. John is currently handling a legal matter for my two sons were they have been charged with criminal mischief. I have no doubt that this matter will me dismissed. If you are facing a DWI or criminal matter John is the attorney who will get you the best results possible. Go onto the Sitzler and Sitzler website and read John’s bio. If you are looking an attorney and thinking about retaining John Sitzler, you may personally contact me. I will give John permission to give you my cell number. John Sitzler the “Best

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