Sex Crime Defenses in New Jersey

Sex crime criminal charges present unique challenges. Not many other criminal charges incur the societal judgment and embarrassment that sometimes follows a single minor indiscretion that the accused strongly wishes could remain private. And no other criminal accusation involves more false charges: many motives exist that can lead an individual to claim that assault, molestation or rape occurred, whether such a crime actually happened or not.

Fortunately, numerous defense strategies exist to counter these and other challenges in New Jersey and elsewhere. An effective defense may demonstrate your innocence, reduce or eliminate criminal penalties and keep your record clean. Examples of sex crime defenses include:

  • Questioning and suppressing evidence. Charges of stalking, soliciting a minor and possession of child pornography often involve computers and/or the seizure of evidence. Yet law enforcement officials face strict rules regarding how and when they can obtain evidence. If your constitutional rights were violated at any point in the legal process, prosecutors may be unable to use key evidence when trying to prove your guilt.
  • Tainted testimony. When a child’s testimony is needed to prove that an alleged crime occurred, it’s possible that counselors, teachers, prosecutors and others tainted the testimony by planting ideas, asking leading questions and capitalizing on a child’s desire to please. When a child’s memory and statements are manipulated, though, they become unreliable and can be challenged and often suppressed.

  • Questioning the adult accuser’s motives. Unfortunately, certain circumstances can lead an individual to falsely claim that a sex crime occurred. For instance, charges of child molestation can provide an advantage in child custody disputes. Remorse or vengeance can lead to charges of rape following consensual sex. And employees can easily create serious legal problems for an employer by claiming that workplace sexual harassment occurred.

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