Task Force Takes Down Massive Drug Ring

How does law enforcement investigate drug networks?

A major drug trafficking ring that operated in more than one county has been successfully disrupted by a law enforcement task force. There were approximately 30,000 doses of heroin being distributed each month. Nineteen arrests have been made, and a warrant is out for a 20th individual.

The Atlantic City Task Force (ACTF) conducted an eight-month investigation into this drug network based in Pleasantville and reaching into Atlantic and Ocean counties. Led by the New Jersey Attorney General’s office, the ACTF is comprised of various federal, state, county and local law enforcement agencies. It has made nearly 600 arrests since being formed and seized guns and drugs.

In this case, the ACTF seized 16,000 doses of heroin and more than $52,000 in cash. Members of this drug ring allegedly employed a juvenile to sell heroin and conducted transactions in front of children. They allegedly accepted public assistance subsidies in exchange for drugs, and the heroin contained the deadly cutting agent fentanyl. Those arrested thus far have been charged with multiple crimes including drug possession, conspiracy to distribute heroin, endangering the welfare of a child and food stamp fraud.

The ACTF had top members of the massive drug ring under surveillance and closed in when two deputies met with two suppliers in Paterson. Investigators seized a purse with almost $24,000 in cash that was being used to purchase the heroin, then executed a search warrant of a vehicle and discovered a duffel bag with 10,000 bags of heroin. Subsequent search warrants at various locations led to more drugs and cash. Six vehicles were also seized.

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