Violence Erupts at Mother’s Day Event in Newark

What charges will the suspect probably face?

Every Mother’s Day, a group of motorcycle enthusiasts get together to celebrate the warm weather and the beginning of the riding season at an event called “The Blessing of the Bikes.” This year, as the event was drawing to a close, gunshots rang out injuring three people and killing 15 year old Al-Shakeen Woodson.  

It is not clear whether the Newark Knights Motorcycle Club, who organized the event, had obtained the proper permits to hold the celebration.  It is also unclear who the intended target of the shooting was, although it is unlikely that it was 15-year-old Woodson as “He never got in trouble,” his father said, “He just came over here to watch the bikes.”

While the mayor’s office blamed the size of the event, others indicated that reason is not a factor when discussing senseless violence.  The police, who were present at the event, are currently seeking at least two gunmen.  The Essex County Prosecutor’s Office Chief of Detectives spoke on the matter, “The investigation is active.  We are combing the streets.  We are out there at the scene right now looking for evidence and looking for witnesses to come forward.”  This is the 29th homicide so far this year in Newark.

This is a high profile case and the police are under significant pressure to find a suspect and get a conviction as our criminal justice system places the burden of proof of guilt on the prosecution.  Only an experienced defense attorney can make sure that you receive a fair trial if you stand accused of a violent crime.  If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, call the experienced criminal defense lawyers at Sitzler and Sitzler at (609) 267-1101 today.